Monday, September 21, 2009

Exercise For The Perfect Abs

There is always a great deal of confusion between the upper abs and the lower abs. Anatomically they are both the same as they are made up of the same muscle- rectus abdominis. So when you workout on your abs, you are actually activating the whole muscle as such.

However different angles and different movements might yield different results. More muscle fibers are activated from certain angles which can lead to stronger abs. So the best abs exercise should focus on both, the upper and the lower abs equally.

Given below are few exercises that can help you in achieving the six pack abs.

Make your exercise challenging by doing weighted cable rope crunches. Add weights to the cable machine and kneel down in front of it. Crunch forwards, towards your legs while concentrating on the abs. Keep your back straight and make sure that you don’t end up hitting the machine.

Stability ball crunches are another way to strengthen your abs. After stabilizing yourself on the exercise ball, hold the medicine ball over your shoulders. Push the medicine ball upwards and crunch your body forward. Try to go far, however return back when you are unable to go further.

You can also use a bench for your crunches. Keep your legs on bench; this will be better for your back too. Make sure that your thighs are perpendicular and legs are parallel to the floor. Move your upper body towards the knees. Hold the position for few seconds and come back. Arms should be stretched out while doing bench crunches. Never take the support of your head to do these crunches.

A combination of these exercises usually works well. It is obvious that there isn’t a single best abs exercise. To tone up your abs, be regular with your workout and take care of your diet. A healthy diet also plays an important role here.

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  1. Yoga and ayurveda has also proved to be the best for health.