Monday, February 15, 2010

Online Courses

In today's competitive world, education, training and experience are very important. The field of business is also very competitive, which makes continuing education of utmost importance, to be able to acquire the right knowledge, technique and skills.

I want to continue my study in masters degree, but my problems is conflict to my schedule because I’m presently working in a private firm, I guess I need to find some University website that offer a online course.

Attending a traditional school is not very convenient for working individuals who have to juggle their time between school and work. Factors like schedule, location, accessibility, work and course load must be taken into consideration. With the advent of schools offering online courses, more opportunities are now open to working individuals interested in going to school but do not have enough time to attend a traditional classroom instruction.

Rasmussen College founded on September 1, 1900 in St. Paul, Minnesota by Walter Rasmussen. They offer on-campus and online courses, at Rasmussen College they offering today over 35 online degree courses, there are different categories: School of Allied Health Courses like Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management, Associate’s in Health Information Technician, Associate’s in Medical Administration and Associate’s in Medical Transcription. School of Business Course like, accredited in accounting degree, Bachelor’s in Business Management, Associate’s in Childcare Management and Associate’s in Internet Marketing. School of Justice Studies like, Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, Associate’s in Criminal Justice and Associate’s in Paralegal. School of Technology and Design like, Associate’s in Information System Management, Associate’s in Web Design and Associate’s in Web Programming. Rasmussen College is a member of American Accounting Association (AAA). This association is voluntary organization of persons interested in accounting education and research. How to become a member of American Accounting Association? Its easy fill up the form for the new applicant, available also in online application and pay the registration fee through credit card.

No needs to worry or panic in any risk because at Rasmussen College staffed are highly-qualified administrators and faculty. In just a click away and don’t just sit there and have a second thought on having it. I don’t look any further when there is an online course solution by Rasmussen College right here.