Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby crib posed a strangulation hazard

Not every type of crib they produce was recalled—just the “Cabana,” “Hudson,” and “Pinehurst” cribs. These cribs were being sold at baby-centered establishments such as Babies R Us, USA Baby, Beautiful Beginnings, and Buy Buy Baby, just to name a few.

The cribs posed a strangulation hazard partially because of the type of wood from which they were manufactured. Apparently, the type of wood being used to build the cribs is genetically notorious for breaking easily. When the slats in the side rails of the cribs broke, it became easy for children to slip their heads between the gaps and become trapped, potentially suffocating. All of the cribs were manufactured in either China or Vietnam and imported into the United States by LaJobi Inc., a company based in New Jersey. LaJobi already has plans in motion to redeem itself from the mistake of importing and selling the faulty cribs. The company will provide free in-home installation for many of these cribs so that a professional might be able to differentiate between those that are sturdy and those that are defective. They are also providing replacement side rails for those that have broken off or dropped down without the assistance of an adult.

Another hazard posed by these defective cribs is the sudden breaking and dropping of the side rails. Because of the breakable wood used and faulty spring coils used, many of the defective cribs had side rails that either broke off of the crib completely or fell suddenly. This could have led to babies and toddlers alike falling from their cribs. Falling accidents, even from as short a distance as the bed of a crib to the floor, can be detrimental for both the long term and the short term when it comes to children. Not only are their brains still developing, but their skulls are also much more soft and fragile than that of adults. If a child were to fall from his or her crib and land on or hit their head, it could potentially lead to brain damage depending on the age of the child and the position in which they landed.

If one of your children has become an injured victim of a defective crib or other defective product made for youngsters, you should speak with a personal injury attorney. Your attorney can help you file suit against those who allowed these defective products to be sold. The safety of your family, particularly your small children, is undoubtedly your most important priority, making it important for you to take a stand against those that would allow harm to come to them.

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