Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tips For Body Acne

This condition is present because of your skin’s hyper-sensitivity to certain factors. Clothing, detergents, softeners, body fluids, stress are some of the common reasons for the prevalence of body acne. You might find that the condition worsens under certain weather conditions and with the use of some materials. Stress, hormonal imbalances and physical exertion leading to increased sweating can aggravate your condition. Certain medicines create body acne as a temporary side effect.

Identify the aggravator

You may have to run your clothes in a detergent free wash after a regular wash to eliminate any lingering sediment. Some foods like dairy products and yeast containing items are also known to aggravate the condition. If you are physically active, residual sweat on your clothes and skin can irritate your skin. Take a shower immediately after your exercise to avoid bacterial activity on the skin. In some cases, the area of contact of shoulder strap of the bag or clothing is prone to an eruption of body acne and will need you to make an immediate change in habit. Identify and control the condition aggravators.

Food habits

You might have to go through a detoxification with the help of an expert. After the detoxification is complete, introduce food items on a systematic basis and study the effect of the food on your body. If the food introduced causes difficulty in digestion that is a food to be avoided since poor digestion is believed to aggravate the condition of body acne. Ensure that you eat food only when you are hungry and avoid fried snacks and chocolates in the middle. Incorporate dry fruits, fresh fruit and water in your daily dietary habits. This should be done in a manner that allows you to identify the food items that do not suit you.


An anti-bacterial soap to clean your skin and exfoliate to scrub your skin is sufficient to tackle body acne. Avoid synthetic material and tight clothing that prevent the skin from breathing. Do not linger long in the bath since this dries out the skin and makes the sebaceous glands over active. Sleep in a cool atmosphere wearing thin cotton clothes. Avoid direct contact of the affected part with bed clothing. If the body acne has led to discoloration of large areas of your skin and causes severe pain and irritation, you might have to take medical treatment.


Body acne can be treated as per the severity of the condition. Contact your doctor and ask about the possible treatments that you can try. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics to check whether the skin responds. If not, the doctor may prescribe stronger drugs. Make it a point to ask about the side effects of the drugs that are being prescribed. If you prefer to avoid the side effects, it is better to choose topical treatments like laser treatment. Though laser treatment is known to be effective, it takes time for the treated skin to return to normal. You must take the help of a qualified skin specialist to avoid irreversible mistakes in treatment.

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